Employee Training, Recruitment and Retention


Pinnacle Business Services uses a training program designed to equip and train our personnel with the knowledge and ability needed to most effectively clean your facility. Our training program incorporates a combination of training methods in conjunction with specific training objectives. Our employee training program encompasses all aspects of OSHA and Joint Commission Standards. We have found the following training principles to be very effective:

  • Effective Training Must Be Realistic – training is based upon standards that are both practical and realistic. It is counterproductive to establish standards or training for the standards that one cannot achieve.

  • Effective Training Must Be Measurable — training is evaluated based on measurable results. Each training session should meet a predetermined objective.

  • Effective Training Must Be Understandable — the cleaning staff must understand the objectives and expectations. Unless standards are clearly stated and understood, they will never be achieved.

  • Effective Training Must Be Manageable — consistent training in manageable objectives will always lead to positive results.

The Training Session

The foundation of effective cleaning personnel begins with the training staff.

  • Day One: our trainer spends the day with the new employee, showing them the basics of their new assignments as well as demonstrating the most effective way to clean the area.

  • Day Two: our trainer spends time cleaning the area side by side with the employee, giving feedback and allowing them to learn firsthand the specific cleaning needs of the facility.

  • Day Three: the trainer is observing the new employee doing the cleaning assignment on their own.

  • Day Four: on the final training day, the new employee cleans by themselves and the Building Supervisor will inspect the assigned area with the employee. This training session will allow for correcting and explaining any deficiencies that may arise.

Our training program has a two-fold objective. First, it allows us to detect any undesirable work habits or traits that may have been missed during the initial screening process. Secondly, it gives the new employee an opportunity to decide if cleaning is the type of work they enjoy.

Employee Recruitment & Retention

Who has the keys to your facility?
Employee turnover is an industry wide concern, but a manageable one. Combating this problem starts with the hiring process. It is our goal to provide your facility with dependable and trustworthy individuals who take pride and responsibility for the work they perform. We understand you are entrusting your facility to us. Therefore, we guarantee to take every possible measure to ensure the highest caliber of individual is hired.

The following are just a few steps that we take in our hiring process:

  • All potential applicants are asked a specifically designed set of interview questions that assist in “weeding out” unqualified and undesirable candidates.

  • At least two references of former employment will be verified. Positive results are required.

  • A criminal background investigation is conducted through an outside service. Any candidate with a conviction record is immediately disqualified.

  • Thorough and complete orientation process is done by the office manager.

Because we realize that people are truly the key to success, we have developed a competitive pay scale and bonus Incentives

Making these investments in our employees allows us to expect a higher level of performance and commitment from them that truly meets and exceeds expectations.

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