These are the current services offered. 

General Cleaning

Established in 2008, Pinnace has been providing the very best in commercial cleaning. We specialize in many different commercial spaces including: Banks, Professional Buildings, Medical Facilities and Factory Offices.



Hard Surface and Carpeted Floor Care

The best floor care is just a phone call away. We are optimized for: Carpet, Concrete, Hardwood, Marble-Ceramic, VCT, Terrazzo and Tile. We also strip and wax floors and have the equipment to handle almost any size job. 



Deep Clean &
Construction Clean Up

If your facility needs a deep clean to get it up to standard, we have you covered and can maintain it from that point forward. We also can help you make a terrific impression during construction turn over with our construction clean up service. 



Commercial Window Care

We work on your windows inside and outside and at heights up to 5 stories. We will perform window services on a weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. If your windows require a different frequency, just ask and we can accommodate

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