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Commercial Cleaning Calculator

We strive to be transparent to all of our clients. And that is why we decided it’s time to provide you with a calculator to tell you how much your project might cost

High Quality & Transparent Services

At Pinnacle Building Services, we provide the highest quality of building services for all your needs. Our experienced crews have years of experience in the construction industry and will ensure that all of your projects are completed to the highest standards. With our exclusive pricing calculator, you can easily get an estimate on how much it will cost you to get the job done right. When you choose Pinnacle Building Services, you know that you’re getting the best in quality service at competitive rates. Make informed decisions with Pinnacle Building Services today!

Why Choose Pinnacle Building Services?



Ever thought about who has the keys to your facility?  We do an FBI Data Base Background check on every employee



Frustrating isn’t it?  You call about an issue…and yet two days later, the same issue arises.  Pinnacle goes to great lengths to ensure a consistent product.



To get a set of consistent standards you must have methods of professional training. Pinnacle has one trainer per employee for two days showing them exactly how to “clean” – and this is just the beginning.




What happens when you call your current service with a complaint? With Pinnacle, you are immediately assigned one quality control representative. Their job is to make sure that your cleaning issue is resolved within 24 hours or less of the initial call – and to ensure it doesn’t happen again.



Only new equipment is used in the start up of a new account. And only the best. We are not in the business of creating more cleaning issues, but rather alleviating them. We do want efficiency, but never at the expense of professionalism.


Floor Care/Special Services

VCT, Rolled Vinyl , Terrazzo, Concrete, Ceramic, Carpet Care, stripping and waxing and more. Our floor techs pride themselves on being the best – great pricing, respect, top of the line products and equipment; the Pinnacle way.



Quality Control

We are consistently trying to find ways to improve upon our own success. Therefore, we have established a comprehensive program that sets the industry standard on what “clean” is.



We do everything we can to help our employees feel good about their profession. One way to do this is a nice pair of pants and a Pinnacle shirt. If they take pride in themselves, they will take pride in your building.



At Pinnacle we realize that the quality of our work is only as good as the quality of our team. Therefore we developed an intensive training program that not only teaches basic management skills, but infuses passion, (the one thing that sets us all apart), into their daily routines.



Cost vs. Value Received

Take three bids and pick the lowest one? It NEVER works. We have discovered the low bidder is clueless as to your expectations and the high bidder is taking advantage of your company – or they are also clueless. At Pinnacle, we try our best to be in the middle. We understand what YOU expect and WE WILL bid accordingly.

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